Need Fresh Talent?

The advent of social media and the ability to network online has transformed how we find people. This has had a profound impact both socially and professionally.​​​

The world has, literally, become a smaller place. One of the consequences this has created is that large companies who regularly recruit are bringing this critical function back in house. If you have a need for good people but not the scale to justify a focused in house resource then why should you be left with an astronomical bill (sometimes as high as 25-30%) for a head hunting service.
Shake Up Recruitment believes that modern recruitment costs should reflect the modern marketplace.

Our business model is simple, we believe our customers should be able to recruit the best people without cost being a barrier and we reflect this in our charging structure;
Costs reflective of today's online world
No up front retainer fees
1 fixed rate % (not tiered by salary)
Based on guaranteed salary only (no hidden fees)

We provide our clients with the same high quality headhunting services which existed yesterday, but for a price more reflective of today;
Top rate recruitment services at market changing rates
We will work with you to meet your needs in an honest and clear-cut way
Matching core values
Identification of the candidates with the key skills and background you have requested
The right candidate CV's because your time is precious and we recognise how busy you are​

Why not give us a call?  ​

Headhunting brings you fresh talent that you wouldnt get by advertising a role.

Specalising in Medical Devices and Supply, Manufacture, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Packaging, Financial Services and Automotive with a track record of success. Our focus is making the right talent match for both candidate and business by understanding your business and its needs. 

Our clients say they get less CV's from us, because they only get the candidates that match their criteria, saving them time and money. Wouldnt it be nice to have a few candidates who are spot on and have time freed up to focus on other things? Then get in touch, because thats our approach.

We Understand Your Time Is Valuable
Flat Rate % Fee - No Graduating Scale
On Demand Headhunting Services
Fee Based On Guaranteed Salary Not Ote
No Hidden Charges


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Headhunters for the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Packaging, Financial Services and Motor industries, within the UK.